What We Offer


We have tons of ways you can shop with us! Here are some:

- ONLINE SHOP: Our website is always open!

- PUBLIC POP UPS: Follow our social media and get on our email list! We will post about any and all public events we will be attending.

HOSTING A POP UP: Want to host a pop up? Lets do it! Whether you want to host a fun girls night, or have an event to benefit a charity or philanthropy, this is service is for you. There are many benefits to hosting a pop up - we will determine all the perks depending on the situation. If you are wanting to host a pop up to benefit a charity or to raise money, we will donate a portion of sales from that particular pop up.


- PRIVATE SHOPPING: We are more than happy to come to you, or have you at our office in Vienna, WV for a private shopping experience. Email us for more detail and to schedule a date/time!

- STYLE BOX REQUEST: If you like the convenience of online shopping but would like the ease of trying on at home and avoiding shipping charges, this service is for you. Just browse our website select the item, add the size then email your order with the subject being “Style Box Request.” If you would like, we will also add a few other pieces we think are worth trying! We will put all items in a shopping bag and be in contact within 24 hours to make delivery time and place. Take a few days to try and keep and pay for only what you want. We will make arrangements to pick back up what doesn't fit your style and only charge you for your purchases.