Our Story

Hey y’all! Emma here. Here is a little bio about EmLeigh’s & Mama B’s. In 2014, I presented an idea to my parents about starting an online boutique. I built a website, scheduled in home styling sessions, and did pop up shops at places like sorority houses, salons, etc. I did this for about a year, when my mom (Mama B) wanted to jump on board so we could get a brick & mortar location. At this time, I was living in Concord, NC (home!) and we found an amazing little place in Afton Village. We opened up and spent 4 years there. It was such a wonderful 4 years- I learned so much! In 2018, I got engaged to my now husband and we were headed back to his hometown in Vienna, WV. I closed up the Concord store, and brought it to Marietta, OH. I fell in love with Marietta immediately. The store was up and running just 2 months after the move. And we were rollin’! Well.. then life happened! I found out I was pregnant one week after opening in Marietta. I had my son in January of 2019, and in January of 2020 - giving it exactly a year to get a feel for what I wanted to do - I made the decision to close our brick & mortar, and go back to my roots. An online business, offering trunk shows, pop ups, shopping parties, etc! This decision wasn’t easy! But my son has changed my life.. in the best possible way. Now I am able to balance my mommy life and my work life way better! The best thing about this business are all the amazing customers and people I have met. YOU all have made this an even better dream than I could have imagined and YOU all are what has kept me going and kept this business growing! So thank you.