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Our Story

Growing up going to racetracks all her life, you would never guess that owner Emma Blaney would have a love and eye for fashion. But that’s exactly what makes her unique. She understands that more important than clothing is the person wearing the clothes.

"So when my mom and I decided to open a boutique in 2014, we didn’t want the typical southern style boutique. We wanted to help girls dress with confidence yet remain the free spirited souls that they are. We wanted to mix a blend of classic with what is current, edgy with sweet, bohemian with chic. Warm knits, pretty laces, things that sparkle and a touch of leather. Patterns and textures you’d expect would clash but instead mesh perfectly. We want you to take our styles and make it your own. We want you to make a statement without saying a word. If that means a pair of high top sneakers with a little black dress, then go for it!"

We are all on a journey toward becoming more confident, more adventurous and more of the person we deserve to be.  We believe your style should complement every little facet of what makes you, you.  Style is about how you carry yourself and how those pieces of clothing make you feel!

We are more than excited to help you bring out all the layers of you by the clothing you wear. Our goal is to have our girls stopped on the street and being told, “I love that look”! By having a little hand in that, you warm our hearts. Thank you times a million!

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