What You Should Wear This Season

What you should wear this season...

It’s hard to believe that fall is already here, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to get your wardrobe in check. And lucky for you, our Fashion FABLife Stylist Joe Zee is here to break down all the fall trends you need to know about right now! 

There’s obviously the main fall staples that everyone will be rocking (boots, scarves, sweaters, etc.) but what else will you see people sporting this year? Here’s a breakdown:

Trend 1: Gender Fluid

Women in menswear is always in style, but it’ll be especially huge this year. And it’s not just blazers this time around — you’ll see women rocking suspenders and plaids tied around the waist (to name a few).

Trend 2: Grandma Chic

This fall, if someone tells you you look like a grandma, that’s a good thing! One big trend for this fall is definitely vintage feeling clothes. Think items from thrift stores and really vintage looking stuff. And not just that, but being conservative is really in for the season, which is perfect since fall (obviously) means chilly weather. Another cute touch to this trend is broaches. Add this to any outfit and you’ll look fashion forward — even though broaches are kind of old school.

Trend 3: High/Low

High/low is all about mixing high end, more expensive pieces, with inexpensive items. Like for example, wearing a more expensive jacket with a top that only cost $15. Another way to do this trend is to mix affordable fabrics with a touch of high end — faux fur, leather, feathers, and crystals are perfect examples of this.

Trend 4: Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket has become unisex staple. These jackets come in every color, fabric, and price point. This is a perfect transition outer wear statement piece that can go from fall to winter.

Trend 5: Asian Inspiration

Details from the far east are going to be huge this fall. Whether it’s embroidery, fabric, print or just small detailed jewelry — keep an eye out for this trend.

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