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We would like to let our customers know about some of the designers of the brands we are proud to carry at EmLeighs and Mama B's.  Our featured designer this week is Becka Cowan from Boutique Couture Jewelry or better know as Bou Cou.  We first met Becka at the Atlanta Apparel Mart this past January and was easily drawn to her passion and the beauty in her handmade jewelry pieces.  We knew we had to get some for our store.  Please enjoy the following read and be ready to shop and purchase from this unique collection.  We especially like the Harmonica Necklace that was featured in an episode of "The Walking Dead".  We have worn it to the racetrack, to basketball games and wherever there's a little excitement.  




What is personal is often universal. For Atlanta-based Becka Cowan, that idea is especially true.

When she first started tinkering with jewelry making, Becka had her own style in mind. But once friends showed interest in her pieces, she opted to kick-start a full-blown line in 2005. Her late grandmother, Consuelo Lozano, quickly became the anchor of Becka's ambitions. Bou Cou would become not only her full-time gig, but also a way to honor the woman who shaped her rigorous work ethic. Ultimately, it is that earnest goal that makes Bou Cou so special-- it's why each handcrafted piece is both unique and universally appealing.

Using exotic stones, rare beads and vintage treasures, Becka creates original jewelry that works for all styles. Upscale dressers are drawn to Bou Cou's array of decadent chandelier earrings. Rock ‘n’ rollers love the toughness of repurposed bullet pendants. Earthy girls gravitate toward the suede trims and brass hardware. And everybody, regardless of personal aesthetic, loves how smoothly the line is layered for a lush, attention-grabbing effect.

Bou Cou brews self-love by encouraging pride in individuality. The looks are fashion forward and striking, and incredibly versatile too. Stylish strangers will stop you on the street to compliment your Bou Cou.

They'll ask where they might get their own. It's up to you to choose to spread the love—or keep the secret to yourself.

-by Jhoni Jackson

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